2 comments on “Joyce DeWitt Flashes Her Gams

  1. I forgot Joyce DeWitt could be so effervescent. Of course, I was only a kid when “Three’s Company” was on TV and-in retrospect- it seemed the Producers did whatever they could to make her appear frumpy compared to whomever the blonde roommate was at the time. It was at its’ worst when Suzanne Somers was “hogging the show.”

    This was a fun, light YouTube clip I’m glad you included it. I also liked it because it reminded me of how my grandmother used to save the “eggs” for me to play with, decorate, etc. I wonder, do they still package them like that?

    Anyway, it looks like a nice blog. I heard about on DataLounge. I’m not a jerk and I even post using my real name. If only more people did, it would be a lot more civil. Keep up the good work, I’ll check in from time to time. You seem like such a nice guy.

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