One comment on “My Life in France by Julia Child

  1. I have read your posts and enjoy them completely. Being a somewhat overly opinionated person, I am a bit surprised at myself for being prompted to respond to the Julia Child post (perhaps driven by my own passion for all things food)
    First, I am 48…not old…not young.. which isn’t exactly either, but more accurately neither, placing me in the large group of forty something year olds finally figuring a few things out. My parents, both hard working country folks. My Dad passed away a few years back leaving a huge empty place on ours familys plate. My Mom is reserved and a bit distant. We grew up a large family firmly rooted in the idea family was first. Food was cooked until dead-then-add-20-minutes. It hasnt been until my 40’s that food became something other than something you had to do to stay alive.
    I met my partner who is first and foremost, a lover of food. Not just any food….GOOD food. We watched Julie and Julia which led to buying the Julia Child cookbook, which led to cooking her beef bourguignon which led to many other culinary adventures. Ratatouille being my favorite.
    We have prepared and compared different recipes of the same dish and have discovered something wonderful about Julia Childs recipes. Many recipes cook food together too long. They go beyond the brief handshake of flavors to a complete takeover. Beef and peppers no longer retain their unique flavors. Julia takes great effort in her recipes to cook many ingredients separate then combining for a short communal simmer which creates a dish with such a depth and complexity that it beyong being enjoyable…it is an experience.
    I also watched her when I was young. I remember her as a woman not entirely comfortable with being on television.
    My other favorite cookbooks….David Lebovitz “The Perfect Scoop”
    Thomas Keller “Bouchon Bakery Cookbook”

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