5 comments on “Westboro Baptist Church: How to Really Piss Them Off

  1. Religous fanaticism is forever hungry and needs feeding. I agree they feast on the media buffet, but only as a group and not on an individual bases. We always refer to them as WBBC and that is where we make our mistake. They (The individuals) that create so much pain, will find a way to make it into the headlines, but only as a unit and using WBBC as their sheild. I say, we should sort out the individuals, just as we would do with any other cult, expose them on an individule basis, shine the heat of social media, one member at a time, find their skeletons, (We all have one) and expose them for what they really are. Since their hate for others run so deep, I wouldn’t be at all surprized to find a history of child molestation, tax evasion and who know what else.

  2. I wholeheartedly disagree. Any attention at all is considered an accomplishment by them. They do not think the way rational humans do, and simply thrive even on bad publicity. Do nothing. Ignore them. Irrelevance is their greatest fear.

    • Ok, lets say your right. How do you convince all of social media the national media and victims of their presents at funerals, weddings and so on, to ignore them? I agree they thrive on publicity and prefer “bad” over any other, and since this is so, perhaps an act of violence will give them their “fix,” that they need so much.

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