2 comments on “Doctor Who Series 7: The Crimson Horror

  1. It was the only one I have watched more than once, this year. There was too much humour for my taste- I get the joke with the Dickensian moppet speaking like a Satnav, so often children in such roles do not speak like local children- but it broke the suspension of disbelief for me, it was an arch moment so far. After that, too many self-references irritated me- “‘ The repulsive red leech’. Prefer ‘The Crimson Horror’.” And the man fainting. I can suspend my disbelief through a lot, apart from such things.

  2. Okay, you may be right about the man fainting. That was a tad too slapstick for my taste, but I still loved the episode. Hearing the Tegan references made me squeal with delight, and Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are always a pleasure.

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