17 comments on “Peter Capaldi Announced as the New Doctor: Will the Real Fans Please Step Forward?

  1. That was an awesome article, although some people can take it the wrong way, I can understand. I am a new fan, been watching for under 2 years and only watched the full new series. I’m working on the classic, but have only made it to Planet of Giants, so far (Reign of Terror is amazing but Susan annoys me for the same reason the part annoyed her, as she said on a documentary, she never grew, she was childish), but it’s hard to find it, here in Brazil.
    I am very curious and eager to see this older doctor, specially since I didn’t really like Matt Smith. I admit he was awesome, but, I don’t know, I liked him most when he got mad (and acted old).
    Also, on the new series, don’t forget Christopher Eccleston, who was older-ish and not conventionally beautiful. And most of us girls still swoon over him 😛 I think we are all in love with the character, really. I am anyways. 😛

      • I don’t mind it when fans swoon (though admittedly the Tennant obsession among a lot of current fans does get on my nerves; they were even demanding that he return to the role). We’ve all swooned over one or two. It’s when the companions swoon that bugs me. And every one so far has done so with the exception of Donna. It’s been done. Find a new theme already.

        It’s when it is expected to be a requirement for the role that we have a major problem. The two best Doctors by a mile (Troughton and Tom Baker) were not conventionally handsome.

      • I find “he was never intended to be” a silly sentence, as he was also never intended to regenerate, until he did. He was never intended to be young, until he did (Davison), he was never… You see?
        Besides. An older, incredibly smart, intelligent, knowleadgable man, that can travel through time and space, show you everywhere and everywhen… That’s something to fall for, no matter what he looks like.
        I think every doctor after Tom Baker makes that possible, perhaps from #3 up (excuse my lack of memory). And maybe more, the issue being that 50 year old men in the 1960’s didn’t look quite as good as nowadays because of the beauty dictatorship and the need to look young in TV and movies.
        And, as Recovered Baptist said, it’s usually when that becomes a plot that it’s a problem. You can’t stop fans from being crazy, but you can’t let that influence over the actor’s choice and the plot development 🙂

  2. Thank you for responding and for the compliment! Please know I wasn’t lumping all new fans together; just the ones being shallow about his age and appearance. It makes me sad that all they seem to get out of a show with such depth and history is how young and hot the Doctor is. The show is so much more than that.

    I don’t expect a lot of new fans to eat up the original series; it is different in many ways, and can be an acquired taste. Hartnell especially can be hard to take for a newbie, because his take on the part was to be quite creepy and sinister. I quite liked that, but it might put off anyone used to Tennant or Smith. I agree about Susan; that unfortunately is a valid complaint from the classic companions. Many were not given much to do except ask the Doctor questions and get into trouble, and many didn’t get back stories or grow as characters. That is definitely something the new series has rectified (though I almost think they’ve over corrected, making the companions these huge centerpieces around which Lost-like mysteries are based–but that’s for another time).

    It took me a bit to warm up to Smith because he was so young, but he played it so old and so weird (and was obviously paying homage to my favorite, Pat Troughton), that I soon forgave his age. That’s why I want the complainers to give Capaldi a chance. I think he’ll be fantastic.

    I agree about Eccleston. He was definitely sexy, but without the obvious “look at how cool I am” swagger of Tennant or Smith. It was subtle, which made it better. He could have been the best, in my opinion, but left too quickly. I’m still sad about that.

    But you’re right. We don’t swoon over the actor (or we shouldn’t, anyway). We swoon over the character. Definitely.

  3. Great article! Sexy Doctors for me? Pertwee, Tom Baker, McGann and Peter Capaldi is DAMN HOT!
    So glad for an older Doctor. All that snogging was pissing me off. Let’s get back to deep friendships and crazy adventure! I think a lot of the fangirls will leave but a lot will stay and find that Capaldi is the same Doctor! What they and everyone else really love is the character.

    • Donna has been the best companion by far in the new series, for the exact reason you mentioned; she’s been the only one who didn’t pine for the Doctor–and it worked!

      I think that many fangrrrls will come around. If not, I think taking the show in a darker, more adult direction will draw in new and different fans. So no net loss.

  4. Well said. As a whovian for most of my life, I was semi-impressed by Matt but very impressed when Peter got the nod as the new Doctor. Even though I was not alive to see the some of the original actors who portrayed The Doctor, I have seen every single episode ever made. My Introduction to Doctor Who was back when Colin Baker was in the roll and regenerated to Sylvester McCoy, and I have been enjoying every episode since.

  5. I think to lump all female fans as “fangirls” who only watch the show because they fancy the doctor is ridiculous, sexist and totally not true! There have been a few girls who fancied Tennant, so what? If you want to be cross with someone for the romance in Doctor Who be cross with RTD as he wrote it that way! You shouldn’t be upset that people watched it and liked it. It attracted new fans to the show and that’s a good thing. But the majority of new who fangirls I’ve met are queer and are much more likely to have crushes on River or Donna than Tennant or Matt Smith. The only comments I’ve seen in regard to Peter Capaldi’s level of attractiveness have been positive. To me this post just seems like another attack on women in fandom claiming that they are just “fake fangirls” who like things for the wrong reason. Can you honestly say that in 50 years there has been no one on the show that you’ve fancied?

    • You misunderstand. I made no statement about female fans in general, and love that Who fans are so diverse. My term “fangirls” applies only to a very distinct subset: younger females who have only watched since the reboot and are obsessed about the Doctor being “hot” (and many of whom still haven’t gotten over Tennant’s departure).

      I’m queer myself, so I’m bothered that anyone would think me sexist. This entry was sparked by a wave of nasty comments I saw on other sites, rudely commenting that Capaldi was old and/or unattractive.

      Please don’t take anything I wrote personally.

    • As a girl, a fangirl, and someone who did swoon over Tennant, I’m going to reply too 😛
      I don’t think zie meant any fangirl, and I think that’s made clear when zie compared to girls who do the Jacob x Edward fan fights 😛
      There HAS been major crying and hair tearing about “OMG he’s not young and hot” which I disagree on the hot part, being hot is not an age thing neither it is a “face” thing, it is a personality thing, IMO.
      It’s awesome that you have so many queer friends and people who are awesome and don’t complain about the new Doctor, but on many of the Doctor Who themed fanpages, the crying has happened… 🙂
      It’s not about fancying someone or swooning over them. It’s about crying and complaining that the show “won’t be good” if the main actor isn’t “young and hot” 🙂

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