4 comments on “Socks with Sandals: You’re in Europe Now, So Get Used to It.

  1. I also noticed a high rate of double, triple and sometimes even quadruple denim combos when I was over there. I couldn’t distinguish whether the majority were local or tourists, though I did take note of multiple offenders also wearing bumbags.

    Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like it….I’m always the first to excitedly yell ‘double denim!’ when I see it…just an observation, hehe.

  2. In the US, we call the double denim a “Canadian Tuxedo,” but many Americans are guilty of it as well. I have not seen it in Europe nearly as much as I have the socks/sandals atrocity.

  3. These people are going to have kids (well, some of them) who will grow up thinking that this is OK, Well, it’s not OK. Thanks for raising this issue that so many are afraid to talk about.

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