2 comments on “Rome…As It Was Three Months Ago

  1. Dahlink,

    You are just a gem. I don’t use this email account often. Returned here to my lotionman account to do some Spring cleaning and see if Mr. Perfect hasn’t left me some dream message from some online dating site (he hasn’t)  and recovered your blog. We “met” on Datalounge and had a few great exchanges, some of which the webbie pulled. You used to fucking crack me up. I live in Glen Park (that’s SF, in case you have forgotten about the Little People, and our Little Places, back in the whole US of A).

    Glad to see on your blog that you, Simon, and your partner are thriving in Europe — and taking advantage of “local” travel opportunities! Have only skimmed parts of your blog tonight. Looking forward to finding any commentary about Simon’s journey as well as your transition to veganism and reasons why. Mine are health-related; just had a carotid endarterectomy at UCSF last month. It was 95% blocked due to cholesterol (aka fine French dining) and decades of Marlboro Menthols (oops, my bad).

    Kisses, Doll!


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