5 comments on “Doctor Who Series 7: Rings of Akhaten

  1. I definitely found this one lacking; I wouldn’t say crap, but lazy works for me. Overall I’m glad she didn’t die and/or get her brain uploaded in this one.

    I would love to hear you defend Colin Baker; he’s my least favorite Doctor, but I’m biased as he was a pompous ass to my husband when he met him at a Doctor Who con about 25 years ago.

    • He isn’t the best Doctor, no. That title belongs to Troughton with Tom Baker a close second. But I think he gets a lot of flack unfairly. I think 90% of the reason his Doctor was hated was that ridiculous costume he had to wear–which he hated and was forced into. The BBC also shit on him with the hiatus and firing. A few of his stories are really good, though. “Vengeance on Varos,” “Mark of the Rani,” and the entirety of “Trial of a Time Lord” are all very well done. And–though it had a lot of problems–I enjoy “The Two Doctors.” Mainly for Troughton, whom I love.

      Just my two cents.

      • Apparently I totally lied; my husband just told me that Colin Baker was perfectly nice and not an ass at all. (He also thinks I’m losing my mind. Can’t argue with him.) He also mentioned the Pertwee was particularly awesome.

        The costume *was* the worst; he looked like a clown! Considering so many people even now expect him to wear the Tom Baker scarf, it couldn’t have helped that he was so out there.

        I’ll have to check out “Trial of the Time Lord” so I can give him another shot. I’ve seen a bit of it but not for many years.

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